The Visualize Trainer

The Visualize trainer is a low-cost training model built to aid midwives in learning to perform visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) using realistic simulation with an electronic feedback mechanism. The training model:

  • Allows students to practice VIA at their own pace

  • Gives students exposure to many different VIA outcomes

  • Allows students to gain confidence in performing VIA before screening any patients


The training model includes a speculum, sponge-holding forceps, and a flashlight for trainees to practice the visual inspection with acetic acid procedure.


The training model features a simulated vaginal cavity (behind the covering on the left side of the device pictured) that allows a student to pass a speculum and examine a pictured cervix. 

The student using the training model is guided through the process by using the Arduino microcontroller and LCD screen (on the right side of the device pictured). The trainee turns on the device using the power switch (on the bottom right of the device pictured). The trainee advances through a series of instructions and prompts using the buttons underneath the LCD screen.


Images of cervixes before and after applying acetic acid are shown on a set of paper tabs. These 11 tabs can be inserted into the top of the training model and are visible behind the simulated vaginal cavity.

  • The front of the tab includes instructions for how to use the tab and images of a cervix before and after acetic acid is applied.

  • The back of the tab includes a magnified view of the cervix after acetic acid is applied, pointing out the areas indicative of pre-cancer, if applicable.